Good Humor is the very first brand to produce ice cream bars. Their production history goes back to 1920s. One would expect a well established company to be more caring for their customers but it looks like they too are sending this standard form of reply to everyone with a question of ingredients. Which does answer part of the question but not all and it ends with a standard Unilever* suggestion saying that Breyers all natural ice creams are all natural and one with any concern can prefer Breyers, which by the way does contain alcohol in natural flavors.

The reply only says their mono and diglycerides are plant based but does not say anything about the alcohol or maybe since they cross reference both brands(Good humor and Breyer’s) they expect us to think the alcohol issue applies for both brands, or maybe not! It remains unknown because, they keep sending the same reply no matter what the question is.

Here is what Good Humor says;

Thank you for contacting us regarding Good Humor .

We strive to use all natural ingredients whenever possible, but certain types of products require other ingredients that provide the qualities that our consumer’s desire. The mono and diglycerides we use are vegetable-based and widely used in many types of foods to improve the texture and are particularly important in reduced fat and no sugar added ice creams. By adding them to some of our ice creams, we are able to make them creamier and more enjoyable.

Breyers offers a broad range of ice creams to suit a variety of individual tastes. Our Breyers All Natural ice creams contain only pure, natural ingredients, giving them a uniquely all natural taste.

We hope this information is helpful.



Your friends at Good Humor

And here is another reply about the alcohol,which is confusing,because they refer to Breyers, although the question was regarding Good Humor;

Thank you for contacting us regarding our Good Humor .

All “natural flavors” used in Breyers do contain around 20% of the flavor from alcohol. Alcohol is used in many flavors. However, keep in mind the flavor usage rate is typically 0.2-0.4%. This would mean a 56oz package would contain a very small level of alcohol.


Your friends at Good Humor

For Breyers’ response, please click here.

*(Unilever is the parent company of Breyers, good humor and many more brands in US.)

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