As it may be noticed, there is a HALAL SIGN on the above image. It is because according to their website Cabot cheese are HALAL certified, and for those who may be interested they are also, kosher, lactose and gluten free. Here is what is stated at the company’s website:

  • Cabot cheeses are Halal.
  • Cabot offers a broad range of halal cheddar cheeses that have met the rules and regulations specified by a supervising Islamic Administrator.
  • All Cabot cheeses are certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America and by Tablet K, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF

– Colby Jack,

– Shreds,

-Slices (including American),

-3/4-ounce Bars and Cubes

  • Other then these 4 types mentioned above, Cabot Cheeses are free of all animal by-products, and our cheeses are made without any animal rennet.

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The company provides good quality halal cheese with some exceptions as  it is mentioned above, so please be careful when purchasing the product, simply look for the halal sign shown here. They also provide online shopping, and here is the direct link to the one with a halal sign on it. It would be great to have a halal category under the shop by category section for online shopping, so that we could clearly see and purchase different kinds of halal cheese. Because some of the other types are also halal but since the picture does not show the sign in all of them, it feels unsure.

The Cabot products can be purchased at Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s wholesale club, Pathmark, Stop & Shop, Shoprite and A & P grocery stores.

Thank you Cabot for making a good cheese even better by making it Halal.


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  1. urooj says:

    Sorrento mozerela cheese is ihalal can I use