Sadly there is alcohol….

Thank you for writing us regarding Magnum Ice Cream Bar.

The mono and diglycerides we use are vegetable-based and widely used in many types of foods to improve the texture and are particularly important in reduced fat and no sugar added ice creams. By adding them to some of our ice creams, we are able to make them creamier and more enjoyable.

All “natural flavors” used in Magnum do contain around 20% of the flavor from alcohol. Alcohol is used in many flavors. However, keep in mind the flavor usage rate is typically 0.2-0.4%. This would mean an ice cream bar  would contain a very small level of alcohol.

Other than milk and cream there are no other animal by-products used.

We hope this information is helpful.


Your friends at Magnum

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  1. mohdshariff says:

    please advice
    regarding alchohol usedin magnum ice cream
    it is khmer or chemical based
    like the one in medical practice as sterilizing agent