Summary of the below email would be:

  1. The powders DO NOT CONTAIN  ANIMAL DERIVED PRODUCTS but there is Methyl alcohol also known as wood alcohol, used in the process, which is a toxic alcohol, not drinkable and not considered haram.
  2. The syrups DO NOT CONTAIN ANIMAL DERIVED PRODUCTS, but as it mentioned, the flavor supplier  USES ALCOHOL AS SOLVENT.
  3. The shakes DO NOT CONTAIN ANIMAL SOURCED INGREDIENTS other than diary. and THERE IS NO ALCOHOL in them.


Thank you for taking the time to contact Nestlé® Nesquik® chocolate regarding your concern if our products contain any animal bi products or alcohol. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers such as yourself and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.

Our Nesquik powder does not contain any animal bi products. But there is alcohol in our strawberry and chocolate powder. One of the flavors (ingredient) uses Methanol in the process, but it is lost during drying. Residual is less than 3000ppm (parts per million) of the flavor which is in the product at .02%. (applies to 25% less sugar and No Sugar Added).

Our syrup does not contain any animal bi products. Our flavor supplier for the Nesquik Strawberry flavor uses both Propylene Glycol and Benzyl Alcohol in the flavor, each with its own function. The flavor supplier for Nesquik Chocolate Syrup uses an alcohol as solvent in the last step of crystallization. Their product complies with the current regulations concerning the solvent residual content.

Our ready to drink product contains dairy, but no other animal ingredients. All of the flavors used in Nesquik ready to drink are dry flavors and would not contain alcohol.

At Nestlé, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Your feedback is valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.

Beverly Watson
Consumer Response Representative

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  1. qleko says:

    Have I been serving alcohol to my kids???

    I know people will start saying that little amount of alcohol may not matter but I believe it does.

  2. kowacki says:

    Thank you for taking the time ans asking about the ingredients.
    I would like to point out that it is very risky to call something safe – halal or haram unless we are scholars.
    Let’s put out the information, and leave it to people to decide.