Skippy peanut butter has neither alcohol nor animal derived products

Skippy peanut butter products, according to the company, do not contain alcohol or animal based ingredients. Below is the response to my inquiry about the existence of alcohol or animal by-products:

Thank you for contacting us regarding Skippy.

Many factors are considered during the development of our food products including taste, texture, nutritional value, the ability to retain flavor and quality, as well as consumer convenience in use and preparation. We use only those ingredients needed to provide the desired flavor, appearance, consistency and nutritional value to our products, and then to maintain those qualities during storage and use.

In order to produce good-tasting foods, we also make use of latest research to select ingredients that provide these desired qualities. Our research staff continues to review existing products and develop new ones. The natural flavorings and spices not listed on the package are part of our formulation which makes our products unique. These are proprietary and cannot be shared.

Our products are formulated for use by the majority of consumers and not specifically for those on restricted diets. If you cannot determine whether or not the product contains the ingredient in question, or if you feel uncomfortable about the ingredients used in our products, it is our recommendation that you do not use them.

I can tell you that there are no animal products in Skippy; made from all vegetable ingredients and does not contain ethyl alcohol.


Your friends at Skippy

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