After having so many alcohol flavored ice cream posts, it is time to get some good news about ice creams. Turkey Hill ice creams are, according to the company’s reply, free of alcohol or animal sourced enzymes. This took me to their website to see the ingredients in detail once again. I realized their “all natural ice cream” products contain, pretty much only cream, milk,sugar and cocoa. None of the ice creams has “vanilla extract” in the ingredients list. There is only “vanilla or vanilla beans”. Then again, the vanilla issue came up, it is research time!

Let us make it all clear about vanilla and its usage in food. Vanilla can be present in food products in different forms;

  • Vanilla extract:As it was explained here at another post, vanilla extract contains 35% alcohol.
  • Natural Vanilla flavor: The extraction method  uses alcohol and water to produce natural vanilla flavor from vanilla beans.
  • Vanilla (powder): Well this one is tricky  as it can be simply crushed vanilla beans without alcohol extraction or with alcohol. Sometimes companies claim that alcohol evaporates due to heating or freezing. It is better to be cautious.
  • Vanilla beans: This is actually the vanilla itself, if it is the powder from, it is ground vanilla beans.
  • Natural Vanilla, Vanilla Flavor, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Flavoring, Vanilla Extract, and Vanilla Specks all are made after vanilla extraction with alcohol.

This being said, how can we know if the vanilla is a simply crushed powder or an extracted one. The answer is; if they do not tell us,we cannot.

Here is the company’s reply:

Thank you for contacting Turkey Hill Dairy. No, our products do not use any animal byparts or alcohol. We appreciate your comments and hope your future purchases are more enjoyable!

Jaimie Vieira
Consumer Relations Representative

If the information seems too simple, too good to be true, with all the vanilla in the ingredients, the chocolate flavored ones do not have any vanilla.

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